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Social Eating: Fun With a Twist

April 14th, 2010

Having evolved as an omnivorous organism, we need a variety of nutrients to sustain our daily activities and ensure optimum health. Over centuries our metabolism adapted to environment and sourcing necessary nutrients from variety of available foods. Along the way we lost ability to synthesize certain nutrients making supplementation a necessary part of life. To drive a large spectrum of biochemical reactions that are part of our metabolism, we need to ingest 21 essential nutrients, daily, such as fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Fortunately they are all readily found in variety of foods such as carbohydrates, proteins and dietary fats from dairy, meat, grain and fruits and vegetables. However, just because essential nutrients are out there does not guarantee they are ingested in sufficient amounts.

Well stocked fridge and multitude of restaurants and grocery stores does not guarantee good nutrition. It is a sad fact that in prehistoric times, humans met their nutritional needs with greater success than in modern times. Our prehistoric ancestors’ sourced food directly from nature, lacked commodities such as fats and processed sugars, and had higher level of physical activity due to traveling involved in harvesting food.

In modern times we have replaced daily dangerous visits to jungle, braving predators and hazardous terrain, with convenient and fun trip to a corner grocery store with a great variety of ready made food, a convenient coffee shop or a restaurant for a nice chat over a meal with family and friends. By morphing from survival strategy to a social experience, our food choices have changed dramatically. We are more likely to go for rich, ready to eat food that cuts on preparation time. The unfortunate consequence is that such food, and hence our diet, is full of high fat and high carbohydrate choices with low and insufficient essential nutrient content.

Poor food choices and insufficient intake of essential nutrients interferes with our metabolism leading to metabolic slowdown, toxin buildup, tiredness and prolonged resting time. Convenience of a comfortable home and office resulted in more sedentary lifestyle, with insufficient levels of physical activity. Combined with poor nutrition this makes a negative feedback loop with devastating consequences for a log term health, and an open door for a variety of cardiovascular, immune and respiratory disorders.

Thankfully, there are organizations very aware of this problem, actively working at bringing new and better food solutions. Keeping in mind today’s busy lifestyle Herbal Diet brings a variety of healthy, protein rich, low fat, easy to use meal products that provide optimum nutrition and meet daily food requirements.

For more information contact Herbal Diet today.

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