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Proteins for Every Age: A Personal Guide

May 30th, 2010

We must eat proteins every day. We cannot live without them and  their amino acid constituents. Too little and we experience deficiency. Too much and we suffer from toxicity. Protein intake is tricky, but it is one of those things we just have to take time to do right.

There are many tips, hints and guidelines to advise how to go about it. Nutritional references help you figure out which proteins you body needs and why. Protein profiles help you identify the best food sources. Nutritional guidelines help you figure out who much protein you need.  Professional consulting helps you figure out if you are suffering from a deficiency. Calculations let you adjust your diet  accordingly, based on weight. And finally there are ways to customize  protein supplementation for every age and gender.

When dealing with something as sensitive and as life-giving as proteins, you can never be too careful. And the least anyone can do for their health is to be well informed.

Our protein needs differ with age and gender. What works for an adult may not work for a child. What works for a woman may not work for a man. We are all different and based on our age, gender, particular lifestyle and diet, protein needs change as well.

Men need the highest amount of protein from age 19 to 55. In contrast, women need the highest amount of protein during pregnancy and  breastfeeding.  The old adage – eating for two – stands.  Children need less  protein than  teenagers. Makes sense considering that during teenage years our bodies work hard to grow into our adult height and weight. Lack of sufficient protein amount in this age can be detrimental.

Let’s look at some numbers.

For babies one to three moths old, recommended protein intake is 12,5 grams. For four to six months, 12.7 grams. For seven to nine months, 13.7 grams. For ten to twelve months, 14.9 grams. See the pattern?

For children aged 1 to 3, recommended protein intake is 14.5 grams. From 4 to 6,  it’s 19.7 grams. For  7 to 10, its 28.3 grams. No surprise, growth starts.

As we become teenagers, gender differences in amount of protein needed become obvious. For teenage boys, 11 to 14, recommended protein intake is 42.1 grams. From 15 to 18, it’s 55.2. In contrast, for teenage girls 11 to 14, recommended protein intake is 41.2 grams. From 15 to 18, it’s 45.4 grams. The sharp increase in amount of protein needed is caused by rapid growth  from ages 11 to 18.

Once in adulthood, our recommended protein intake begins to level out. For men aged 19 to 49, recommended protein intake is 55.5 grams. For ages over 50, it is 53.3. The decrease after 50 is caused by natural muscle loss due to aging. For women aged 19 to 49, it’s 45 grams. For women over 50, it’s 46.5 grams.

And let’s not forget – for pregnant women recommended protein intake is 51 grams. For breastfeeding women, it’s 53 to 55 grams. And there you have it – a personal guide for every age and gender.

As our protein intake changes, so should our diets. Only then can we fully reap all benefits of a healthy diet and execute a healthy weight loss.

To find out more about meeting the recommended protein intake for every age and gender, consult Herbal Diet product directory today.

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