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Poor Nutrition: Catch 22

April 16th, 2010

We are all aware of the effects starvation has on body. Millions die daily due to lack of food. Millions more follow, struck down by chronic diseases resulting from poor and ineffective nutrition. Surprising as it may be, starvation is not brought about exclusively by lack of food. It is also caused by lack of key nutrients essential for digestion processes and metabolism.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not number of calories that counts. Without vitamins, minerals, water and essential nutrients to drive metabolism, food consumed is nothing but empty calories body cannot do anything with but store as fats. And as we all know, storing excessive fat leads to weight gain, metabolic slowdown, and chronic diseases.

Bottom line is – body does not care. We provide the fuel. Body digests what is given, if and when it can. If essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals are lacking, body will not stop to think why – it is not in its job description. It will have nothing to work with and it will starve, no matter how many empty calories we provide. This is the why excessive caloric intake and poor diet will pile on pounds, resulting in tiredness, depression, and mood swings.

Let’s see what happens to a body starved of essential nutrients. In a healthy body organs and tissues function well and efficiency digest ingested carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Fats and carbohydrates cannot be digested without enzymes. Enzymes cannot be secreted without synthesis. Synthesis cannot be done if key nutrients that drive it are lacking.  Carbohydrates and fats that are not digested are covered to glucose and glycogen, stored as fat, and body has no energy to function. Body that does not function asks for more calories. If we provide more empty calories, body starts depleting its cellular glucose supplies, muscle and connective tissue and goes to resting mode to conserve energy. In resting mode it keeps converting empty calories to fats for later digestion. Prolonged rest results in tissue starvation. Starvation damages internal organs and causes tissue wasting. Damaged organs and tissue cannot recover to digest and function properly. Catch 22, body style. That is what happens to fries without proteins, vitamins and minerals to drive their digestion.

Only when our diet has all food groups and nutrients can our body function properly. Good diet provides body with water, oxygen, carbohydrates, dietary fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients in good balance. Together they provide hydration and fuel our cells need to facilitate a series of biochemical reactions that compose our metabolism.

Bad nutrition leads to fat buildup, metabolic slowdown, organ and tissue damages and resulting cardiovascular disorders, obesity, heat attacks, and stroke.

To prevent Catch 22 ruing your health and your life take action. Gain knowledge. Be aware of the problem. Assess your diet critically. Take on a lifestyle change.

Consult your local expert, Herbal Diet, for help and start a new and exciting journey toward better health.

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